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Let the Word Do the Work

Let the Word Do the Work Let the Word Do the Work Let the Word Do the Work By Maeve Maddox When language-mutilator Yogi Berra said that something was like deja vu all over again, everybody laughed. Lately I get the feeling that some people who say it dont know its a joke. Yogis belts and suspenders approach to words seems to be on the increase. Weve all seen ads that offer a free gift. Sometimes its an absolutely free gift. Its as if people dont trust a word to mean what it means. Some recent examples from the media include: adequate enough, a navy sailor, an army soldier, coupled together with, and the maroon-colored Jaguar. Sometimes explanatory constructions are necessary in certain contexts. One can refer to a Mafia soldier, for example, but if the context is the evening news about the Iraq war, a listener can be trusted to understand the word without tacking on army. Besides sounding foolish, the practice of bolstering a word with a a word that replicates its meaning weakens the expressiveness of the language. Here are some redundant combinations Ive heard or read lately in the media. The careful writer will avoid such nonsense. return back progress forward forests of trees other alternatives continue on evacuated out regress back penetrate through speeding too fast refinanced again a human person charred black a baby nursery reiterate again fast forward ahead socialize together two twin towers added bonus end result new innovation very unique Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:30 Religious Terms You Should KnowBetween vs. In Between5 Examples of Misplaced Modifiers

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The diverse world of nonhuman primates( for Bioogical Anthropology) Essay

The diverse world of nonhuman primates( for Bioogical Anthropology) - Essay Example Physically, gorillas are strong mammals weighing between 70 and 200 kilograms depending on their size, gender, eating habits and environment. They are huge and broad and amongst them, mountain gorillas generally do not climb trees whereas in contrast, the lowland gorillas are arboreal ( Murray, 2002). Male gorillas possess a greater brain capacity and the teeth structure of gorillas is similar to humans. Their reproductive cycle is one month long and only extracted by behavioral changes instead of physical ones and the inter birth interval of gorillas is around 4 years. Once babies are born, they are dependent on female gorillas, their mothers that is till the time they reach maturity which means around seven to fifteen years, depending on the gender. Males require more time than females (Welvaert, 2005). When young, gorillas are taught things like protecting themselves, finding out food for them, adapting to live in the habitat and other necessary things to become independent. Male gorillas play a very small role in upbringing of their offspring except that they protect them from external threats. Gorillas are basically herbivores and are dependent upon vegetation in their surroundings. The greater chunk of their diet is attributed to fruits while the remaining to stems, grass and seeds. They occasionally eat small bugs and termites also but that is a very negligible portion of their diet.(Welvaert, 2005) The social organization of gorillas is very interesting. A band of gorillas can involve few individuals which could m up to 30 or more in number. The most dominant adult is responsible for the group and takes care of the females and the young with some help from the younger males. The groups usually follow a polygamous mating system. They have the freedom to choose their partners and form groups with either other males, females that belong to their own bands or stay with their initial groups(Welvaert, 2005). They live in a

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Feasibility analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Feasibility analysis - Research Paper Example This will be in line with the company’s short term goals of achieving a presence in major states in the United States. The fitness centers will be noticeably labeled to make it easily recognizable (Goldsby, Kuratko and Bishop, p. 84). Then, the company will regularly market its products through the person selling, social media, company website and franchise marketing make the public aware of its presence. Besides body fitness services, the company has created different products that will emphasize on energy and water usage. The idea behind this product is to make the machines create their own energy source by ways of human interaction. This will be attained by attaching the alternator to the machines; therefore, as the individuals run on the machine, the spinning motion powers the alternator which finishes by powering a battery that fuels the machine’s energy source (Goldsby, Kuratko and Bishop, p. 87). As the company expands, they plan on bringing in industry leaders a nd experts into their company. The company will establish a cooperative relationship for high-end and meticulous products from the main manufacturing firms. To satisfy the customers, the company is able to ship products in various parts of the world. Additionally, there are no charges for handling products and the services will be filled once they are placed. The company strives to keep the clients satisfied. The company will strive to achieve profit maximization, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, long term growth, achieve sustainable brand awareness and reputation. Customer will be treated as the biggest asset in the business operations hence will always be at the center of the marketer and company’s thinking and planning process (Parnell, p. 316). The company will use economy approach, in which economies of scale are leveraged to bring the cheapest apparel to market and compete on cost alone as well as the mid-market approach where the brand allure and product quality are combined with economies of scale and labor efficiencies in order to keep prices in an affordable range for middle-class consumers. Moreover, EcoFitness will use the high-quality approach whereby product quality dominates and a brand premium is charged. Customers’ Prospect The company strives to keep the clients satisfied through provision of exceptional service and great purchasing experience, either online shopping or direct purchase in the department store. The fitness centers will be opened throughout the day and night to take care of all our customers at their appropriate time. Additionally, there will sales and offer discounts on special occasions and holidays (Tompkins, Russell and McDonald, p. 35). The company will entrench high level of quality, transparency in the market and a sustainable business that contributes to the welfare of the clients and the society. The company appreciates that the clients are the biggest assets of the company; therefore, will accord t he best quality products and services provision. Therefore, the company will try at all times to put the interests of their clients first. Service and Products Desirability The company’s services and products are new collections with new styles, which offer the latest trend in body fitness. Ecofitness offers a range of services and products that are not offered by other companies in the same field. EcoFitness offers a full service health and fitness club that leaves the clients yearning for more. The working team is

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Compare the representations of Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Compare the representations of Frankenstein Essay Compare the representations of Frankenstein in Branaghs Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and the 1931 film Frankenstein directed by James Whale Language- 1931: Camera    Close ups are not used on Frankenstein as Branagh wants people to wonder what he looks like. There are lots of pans to show the set and the people there.   There is a close up on the monsters hand when it is twitching. There arent many edits which makes it boring and not very interesting. Sound    Diegetic sound is the machines, Frankenstein shouting, noise of the monster being taken up. Non-diegetic sound is the thunder; there is no music at all in the extract. Mise-en-scene    Henry Frankenstein is wearing a lab coat/straight jacket, which gives the impression that he is crazy.   He has slicked back hair using hair oil.   The acting style is very over the top, like theatrical acting. Frankenstein is side lit, to make him look scared and horrified.   Overall the lighting is mostly by top lights and sometimes the lightening. 1994: Camera    There are lots of frantic zooms, pans and also up and down shots, which makes the audience intimidated. The camera follows Frankenstein and shows his emotions/feelings.   The edits are very fast and unnoticeable, using cuts and jump cuts.   By making the editing quicker, this builds up the tension. Sound    Diegetic sound are the chains, machines moving, bangs, slots into the body, the electricity sparks and also Frankensteins voice and movements.   Non diegetic sound is the dramatic theme music, building up to create much more tension. Mise-en-scene    Victor Frankenstein is dressed in trousers but with no top. However the monster is naked. Frankensteins hair is shoulder length, which is very messy and sweaty. The acting style is exciting and energetic but not mad.   Frankenstein is mainly lit on his upper body.   There are lots of side lights and candle light, however the room looks dark. Institutions 1931:   In black and white.   Universal studios made the film, as they knew horror would be a big money spinner.   It was voted one of the best films of the year by New York Times. 1994:   It wasnt as brand new as it was in 1931, as in 1994 many horror films had been out. The technology was much more advanced and a lot had changed from 1931, new ideas and there was a new effect on people. Audience 1931: The big actor, Boris Karloff was used to attract the audiences.   People in 1931 were different to 1994, as it was all fresh and new to them.   Cinema was a get away for people.   Frankenstein was a big horror, and scared the audiences of its day.   The monster, which was thought as Frankenstein became a big horror icon, with a built up brow and a bolt through his neck. 1994: Kenneth Branagh and Robert de Niro were used to attract audiences. Horror films were the norm to people in 1994. They were a lot more sophisticated.   Money was much more wide-spread in 1994 but wasnt as much in 1931. Representation 1931: Frankenstein was dressed very much like a man in 1931.   His movements, delivery of the lines and his acting style is all over the top, like in the way of a theatre play. The light is normally based on the monster and when its on Frankenstein, the light would be on his upper body. The 1931 film changes Frankensteins name to Henry, rather than Victor The audience are supposed to react to Frankenstein in a scary way and that he comes across very mad. 1994:   Frankenstein dresses and looks very much like a man of the time that the novel was written.   His movements and acting style is energetic and exciting however doesnt come across at all mad. The light is mainly based on Frankensteins upper body; the rest of the room is very dark.   The music interprets Frankenstein very well, as he is running around being busy. The music is a fast, dramatic orchestra. Frankensteins name stays the same as the novel, which is Victor.   The audience are supposed to think that Frankenstein is very involved with his work and wants to get it done to see the result.

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Supernatural in Toni Morrisons Beloved :: Toni Morrison Beloved Essays

The Supernatural in Beloved One aspect in the novel Beloved is the presence of a supernatural theme. The novel is haunted. The characters are haunted by the past, the choices made, by tree branches growing on backs, by infanticide, by slavery. Sethe, Denver and Paul D are haunted by the past that stretches and grasps them in 124 in its extended digits. A haunt, Beloved, encompasses another supernatural realm, that of a vampire. She sucks the soul, heart and mind of her mother while draining the relationships that exists between Denver and Sethe and Sethe and Paul D. Sethe is the most dramatically haunted in the book. She is the one who was beaten so badly her back is permanently scarred. She is the one who lived and escaped slavery. She is the one who murdered her child rather than return it to slavery. So she is the one whose past is so horrible that it is inescapable. How can a person escape the past when it is physically apart of them? Sethe has scars left from being whipped that she calls a "tree". She describes it as "A chokecherry tree. Trunk, branches, and even leaves. Tiny little chokecherry leaves. But that was eighteen years ago. Could have cherries too now for all I know" (16). It is apt that her past is represented on her back--something that is behind her, something she cannot see but knows that is there. Also it appeared eighteen years ago, but Sethe thinks that it may have grown cherries in those years. Therefore she knows that the past has attached itself to her but the haunting of it has not stopped growing. Paul D. enters Sethe 's life and discover a haunting of Sethe almost immediately. He walks into 124 and notices the spirit of the murdered baby: "It was sad. Walking through it, a wave of grief soaked him so thoroughly he wanted to cry" (9). The haunting by Beloved in its spirit form is stopped by Paul D. He screams "God damn it! Hush up! Leave the place alone! Get the Hell out!" (18). But Sethe's infant daughter is her greatest haunt and it is when Beloved arrives in physical form that Sethe is forced to turn around and confront the past. Beloved is the manifestation of a murdered two-year old in a 20-year old body. Her mind and actions speak as a child not an adult.

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African Slav

Latin American/ Caribbean countries developed lower cost labor through the preservation of the hacienda system and continuous use of foreign and Mimi grant workers through Latin American/ Caribbean plantations, even though increasing indenture servitude and increasing of wage labor was becoming more prevalent in the growing cit The Hacienda system in Latin America kept labor costs at a virtually free price by nodding Indians to certain lands by constantly keeping them in debt through out the early modern to modern period.During the early 1 ass's, Herman Cortes after being granted the Spanish crown was given encompass, allowing him access to large amounts of indigenous labor. With the growth of Indian populace by the early sass's, the hacienda sys stem continued in full throttle. Similar processes occurred in Puerco Rich during the time Of Sp anis colonization in which haciendas were created and cheap labor force was used in order to create a greater production of goods.The reason for this continuity is that the use of the hacienda system continued to give Latin America the convenience of nearby indigenous labor for a very cheap price to pay. Foreign and immigrant workers within Latin America from 14501900 were use d to work on plantations and Haciendas, because of the benefit of cheap labor. By the late sass's, Trans Atlantic slave trade began to spark, causing African slaves to be a source of labor. As slave abolition movements began to ignite in the late sass's, it became me less acceptable to continue to have slave labor, so many plantation owners secrete kept slaves with them.However, by the late 1 ass's, slavery was almost non existent, alto ugh due to the increasing popularity of indentured servants in plantations, an element of mix oratory work was still reflected upon Latin American labor force. This continuity exists because of the fact that slaves were cheap, useful, and easily accessible labor that was overall very pr deductive to the purpose of prod ucing items. Indentured labor in the Caribbean was becoming an alternative to slavery quiz cocker as more Europeans began to migrate around the world.During the 1 ass's, slave arrays in a strong position for the Caribbean, but by the time that the late sass's rolled a round, migrating Europeans began to have the choose to become a servant by paying off debt with working on a plantation. A more effective way of labor because the workers are more MO titivated to do more. This change exist because Of the fact that slaves were not needed as m such once more dedicated workers came to do the job. A similar process occurred in American colonies in which indentured workers paid off debts in order to become citizens.Wage labor in Latin America was slowly becoming more prevalent rather than slavery on haciendas. During the 1 60(Yes, wage labor was basically unheard of in this a ere, however during the sass's, wage labor began throughout Latin America. By the sass's, wage labor continued to in crease in haciendas along with indentured labor and was used because of the massive European immigration occurring instead of having to use African Slav sees. This change exists because wage labor is the willingness or agreement to work on a Hacienda and by contract. Therefore, it is by choice, not force.

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My Race Is Black, My Ethnicity, African American And My...

My race is Black, my ethnicity is African American and my culture (349) could be described as complicated. In applying these factors to my personal experiences I will refer to Matthew and Emirbayer’s â€Å"What is Racial Domination?† to explain the racial biases and discriminations that I have experienced from Arkansas to Los Angeles and ultimately Irvine. From the day of my birth my life and the opportunities presented or denied have been defined by racial domination and the Institutional racism of White Americans. My phenotype defines my race and ancestry as Black due to â€Å"physical appearance and constitution, including skeletal structure, height, hair texture, eye color, and skin tone† (Matthew and Emirbayer 2009, 337). My ethnicity is that of African American in difference to Blacks from the Caribbean Islands of Blacks that have emigrated from Africa. Matthew and Emirbayer says that Black culture exist as two distinct cultures defined by two classes—the middle class and the poor or â€Å"the underclass† and â€Å"instead of the Black community, we think in terms of sub communities† (349). I believe that could be further expand by geography, as my culture includes aspects of the economically deprived South, the ghettos of Los Angeles aa well as the White, middleclass suburb of Irvine. It is indeed complicated. Slavery would forever taint the lives of Blacks in America, far â€Å"more than any other institution, slavery would dictate the career of American racism: Blackness became associatedShow MoreRelatedPersonal Statement : Personal Identity Research831 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Identity Research Paper I classify my race, ethnicity, and culture as a white, Irish-Italian- American, woman. My mother was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and my paternal grandparents are from Sicily, Italy. I imagine being first generation Irish and second generation Italian makes me relate more with my ethnicity. My maternal grandfather impacted my development of my ethnic and cultural identity. He instilled a pride and an understanding of my Irish roots. Specifically, he brought meRead MoreI Classify Myself As A White, Irish Italian- American Woman778 Words   |  4 Pagesa white, Irish-Italian- American, woman. My mother was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and my paternal grandparents are from Sicily, Italy. I imagine being first generation Irish and second generation Italian helps me relate to my ethnicity. My maternal grandfather impacted my development of my ethnic and cultural identity. He instilled me with pride and appreciation for my Irish roots. Specifically, he brought me over to Belfast to learn and experience the culture. The hostility between theRead MoreThe Sociological Definition Of Race And Ethnicity1629 Words   |  7 PagesLife Within My Race Sadari Comer Understanding Culture December 9, 2014 According to the sociological definition of race and ethnicity, there is a close interrelation between race and ethnicity. Race has not been defined by the biological difference that it is stood on the social construct. Race does not discriminate the skin color from others which is related to the ethnicity. Race is defined on the social construct which based on physical and cultural features. Ethnicity is a generalRead MoreA White Irish Italian American Woman922 Words   |  4 PagesI consider myself to be a white Irish-Italian American woman. My mother was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and my paternal grandparents are from Sicily, Italy. I imagine being first generation Irish and second generation Italian makes me identify more with my ethnicity. In the first place, my maternal grandfather instilled a pride and understanding of my Irish roots. Specifically, he brought me over to Belfast to learn and experience the culture. At the time, the hostility between the ProtestantsRead More Dominicans And Afro-americans Essay944 Words   |  4 Pagestoday, there is a large and diverse African-American population. Within this population, there are several ethnic groups. The other ethnic group similar to Afro-Americans is Dominicans. Not only are they both minorities, but they also look similar as well. Both Dominicans and Afro-Americans are originally from Africa, but their slave masters separated them into two different cultures. African-Americans was African slaves of Americans, and Dominicans were African slaves of the Spanish. Hevesi of theRead MoreI Am Third Generation Puerto Rican American1320 Words   |  6 PagesGallerie Quezada 22 October, 2017 Sociology 1001 Professor Bunyan I am third-generation Puerto Rican American. Although some do not see me as black, my race is black, my ethnicity is Puerto Rican, and my nationality is American. I grew in a city where 39.3 percent of the population is Hispanic. Growing up in urban city where a large percentage of the population is Hispanic shaped who I am, what I have learned, and the struggles I overcame. Even though there is no specific Puerto Rican skin toneRead MoreIdentity Crisis Among African Americans1618 Words   |  7 PagesProfessor Sandra Staton-Taiwo Identity Crisis amongst African Americans 17 November 2014 Abstract The question of self-identity has been commonly argued in field of the African American literature; with scholars such as Martin R. Delany and W.E.B Du Bois argue about the emphasis on race and racial consciousness. Together Du Bois and Delaney stress the importance of the color line, or the racial segregation in the United States, as a critical part of American history; nonetheless they both had completelyRead MoreShould You Be Judge For Being Born As A Multiracial And Biracial Individual?933 Words   |  4 Pages Should you be judge for being born as a multiracial and biracial individual? which background do you represent the most, if you’re White, Asian, Latino/Latina, African american. Which side would you choose? if you are a mix child, why can’t you be proud of both or even the other ethnicity background that you have? Those were the questions that I’ve had while reading through the article of Susan Saulny on the topic of being a mix child. I am Dominican and Puerto Rican with some Spaniard in as wellRead MoreGrowing Up African American767 Words   |  4 PagesGrowing up African American 1 Growing up African American Growing up African American 2 I am a member of the African American group and I would like to tell you a bit about the group of when I am a part of. Let me start by saying that my African American group originated from Africa and growing up in America can be tough for people of my race, the African Americans. My group’s history is wide ranging spanning for many years and varying from region to region within the UnitedRead MoreRace Is A Group Of Persons Related By Common Descent Or Heredity Essay1602 Words   |  7 PagesThe definition of race is a group of persons related by common descent or heredity. A random classification of modern humans, sometimes based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics; such as skin color, facial form, or eye shape. In social work, we are often taught about individuals cultures and ethnicities in order to improve our practice and competence. Race on the other hand was created based on how people look, rather than their cultural decent, what religion they practice